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Donate to Poole Food Bank

Poole Food Bank seeks to help people in their time of need by providing food and signposting on to further support. Vouchers are issued to families in need, voucher holders are given a free parcel of food, enough to see them and their family through the next three days. At the same time, volunteers provide a listening ear and, where appropriate, advice about other forms of support. All of the food is donated by local churches, schools and individuals – tinned and dried food is provided to ensure easy storage. Vouchers are held by churches and professionals in the health and Social Care sectors who are working with people who may be in crisis.

Here at CPC we always keep an empty box for people to donate any food to this much needed charity.

Food stocks are currently running lower than they have ever been and urgently need the following:
• Rice (small packets)
• Tinned fruit
• Non sugary cereal (eg. Cornfalkes, Weetabix, etc or aquivalent)
• Rice pudding
• ‘Ordinary’ veg (peas, carrots, green beans)
• Pot Noodles (Many people only have a kettle to heat food)

For further information contact:
Poole Food Bank
Longfleet United Reformed Church
Longfleet Road
BH15 2HP

Tel: 01202 669566

Contact: Gill Payne