We treasure our children and believe they are an important part of our fellowship. Our desire is that every child would experience a real, deep and lasting relationship with Jesus, making their own personal profession of faith.

On Sundays

Our children currently range from age 4 to 13 and we all meet together as a family, with the older children helping the younger ones, each encouraging and stimulating one another. We want to encourage an atmosphere of caring for one another, children learning to share and serve, to prefer others before themselves.

We follow lessons which show from the Bible, from creation onwards, the necessity for a Deliverer, with Jesus being the fulfilment in every way. We also look at other Biblical characters who teach us many things.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, which has power to speak into every child’s life.

We meet for a children’s time of praise and worship at 9.30am, which also allows the parents an opportunity to participate in the pre-prayer time downstairs ready for the 10am service. It is vital to us that the children understand the importance and the joy of praise and worship. At 10am the children join their parents for the morning meeting. At approximately 11am the children go upstairs for their own meeting, whilst the Word is given. There is a time of prayer and the week’s lesson with games and activities. Everything we do is focused on helping the children to understand that God loves them.

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